Holden RG Colorado Rear Rubber Extended Brake Hoses - DUAL HOSE


When a vehicle is raised over 2 inches the brake hoses will most probably need to be extended as the factory fitted hoses will not long enough. If the hoses aren't extended they can break causing brake failure.

Rubber brake hoses traditionally fitted to cars and four wheel drives have a relatively short reliable life span, estimated to be approximately 6 years so it is important they are regularly inspected and replaced if suspect.

These Brake Hoses are manufactured with high quality fittings and a durable rubber line that exceeds the Australian standard. Each hose is then individually pressure tested for guaranteed quality. Designed to fit without modifications.

After installation ALWAYS inspect the brake line at full droop and full articulation so the line isn't tight, there is to always be some slack in the line. Also inspect during suspension travel so the line doesn't rub on any suspension component or the chassis. Always fix the line so there is no chance of rubbing and or add protective sheath to avoid rubbing through.

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