Holden Commodore VR-VS Camber / Castor Adjustable Top Strut Mount


PSR's VR-VS Commodore adjustable strut top is a direct fit strut tower mount that is a full replacement to the factory plate. Designed to eliminate the prone to failure factory rubber top mount, this system is CNC machined from 8mm billet alloy plate and allows full adjustment of both camber and caster. A sliding style plate allows fine control of camber adjustment while the smaller plate underneath allows for multiple positions of caster. Plate allows maximum adjustment to the factory strut tower steel and during testing with factory Z bars allowed 6 degrees positive caster and 5 degrees negative camber with an XYZ Racing coilovers installed. Plates come with stainless steel button head bolts to secure the plate from the top for a clean look. Can come in Black or Silver. Assembly comes in a natural alloy finish and can be polished before installation.

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