Holden Commodore VE 2006-2013 XYZ Racing Super Sport Coilovers


XYZ Racing's VE Commodore kit is the ultimate in street performance with the ability to adapt to the track with a twist of the damper. Australian custom design combined with race track testing has the XYZ VE Coilovers proven as the ultimate ride and performance in one package. With the ability to drop your ride 50mm lower than an ULTRA low coil while still providing useable suspension travel gives XYZ the edge for your vehicle. 30 stage externally adjustable front and rear means control is at your fingertips and the road is yours to own. Tein Max drop 330mm front and rear XYZ 320mm front 300mm rear. (Custom spring rates available)

5 Years*

Brand XYZ Racing Coilovers
  • Front Upper Mounting: OE
  • Rear Upper Mounting: OE
  • Front Spring Rate: 10kg / 560lb
  • Rear Spring Rate: 13kg / 730lb