Ford Ranger PX1 2012-2015 Kut Snake Flares - Extra Slim 44mm - Front Only


Adding 44mm of wheel coverage to your guard, these black textured ABS Injection moulded plastic flares will allow for larger tyres with bigger offset rims. The durable, flexible but tough UV resistant guards are much stronger than fibreglass.

These are genuine Kut Snake flares, they have the logo engraved into the flare. If there is no logo, they are NOT Kut Snake. Beware of inferior copies that are made of cheap, thin plastic that are not ABS. These cheap non ABS versions will crack, fade and go brittle in a matter of months.

* These flares are secured to the body panels with the supplied stainless steel allen key head and self-threading screws. Some drilling is required. Whilst they are easy to fit, they are also easy to fit incorrectly. We recommend fitting by experienced fitters.

Never allow degreaser or other solvents to contact the ABS plastic and only use plastic protectants and car wash products that are specifically designed for cleaning vehicles.

The front flare is a 2 piece flare which includes the main section that mounts to the actual guard and a small front section that mounts to the bumper. Vehicles with bull bars do not require the small front bumper section as the main (large) section will end flush at the bull bar depending on which type of bar you have. Tubular or custom fabricated bars may require slight modification or trimming to suit. If you don't have a bull bar, the best way to fit the front flares is to begin by bolting the 2 pieces together (from behind) before mounting to the vehicle (see diagram). The red lines indicate where the bolts hold the 2 fronts parts together (from behind). This will help you achieve the result of a nicely aligned front flare.

Kut Snake flares bolt on and comply with ADR regulations.

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Brand Kut Snake
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