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To achieve that celebrated BILSTEIN driving experience, BILSTEIN engineers rely on not only technology that is truly at the cutting edge, but also something that has withstood the test of time: how it feels to the driver. As a result, all of BILSTEINs high-performance absorbers, as well as sport suspensions and threaded ride height adjustable kits, undergo a rigorous testing programme. Drivers test how balanced the driving characteristics of various vehicles are in a variety of different driving situations. Only when they have passed this programme of tests with distinction are they allowed to bear the BILSTEIN name. This way, we can guarantee that celebrated BILSTEIN driving experience.

Carbon Winches

Guess what? We are not just another faceless winch supplier in Australia. You've seen it all before, you know the brands, you know the products, but you just don't really know who you are dealing with. 

It's easy with Carbon Winches Australia. The dream started over 4 years ago, the KPD Industries team developed, engineered and tested this black beast of a winch before releasing it to the market ( We have been in the 4wd game for over ten years. We have managed our own brands for 6 of these years. We have designed this winch to fit the needs of the majority of the 4wding population here in Australia.

Enhanced 4WD Suspension is a quality driven product that has been proven in 4WD competitions throughout Australia & pushed to the limits by 4WD enthusiasts around the world.
King Springs
King Springs leads the way in the design and manufacture of advanced progressive springs with both variable pitch and tapered wire forms. King Springs service all sectors of the automotive market including passenger, commercial and Four Wheel Drive vehicles and various Motorsport categories including circuit, rally, speedway and off-road racing.


Polyair Springs have been providing load levelling solutions to the Australasian region since the late 1950s. Starting as a 1 man operation, the product has gained popularity through its wide range of benefits, and value for money.
Ultima shock absorbers are a value for money product, which have been exclusively manufactured to suit Australian conditions. Ultima shock absorbers carry first 3 years of   (100000 Km) warranty and are tested in Australia to ensure ultimate quality for a genuinely small price.