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VE - VF Rear Upper Pillow Ball Shock Mount


ve - vf rear upper pillow ball shock mount

Performance Suspensions VE-VF rear upper pillow ball mount is an exclusive design that removes the factory rubber bush in the rear strut top.

Designed for a ZERO flex movement of the shock this component does two jobs.

  • Eliminate's flex of the bush to allow instant shock reaction
  • Help with mis-alignment when vehicle is lowered and then goes further into bump travel. 

When a VE-VF runs in an ultra-low height it runs the shock on an angle and places large amounts of side loading on the shock shaft, this then can allow the shock to leak / fail during operation.

CNC machined and using a pillow ball mount it is bolted in through the top and is supplied with spacers to suit a 12mm metric shock shaft.

On request custom tube nuts / spacers can be machined to suit multiple shock threads on the market. Please discuss when purchasing!

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